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Executive Catering Chef

Celestino Drago Catering & Special Events


Chef Fredy Escobar, better known as Chef Fredy, is the Executive Chef for Drago Catering & Special Events and has been working alongside Master Executive Chef Celestino Drago for 6 years.  Having over 30 years of culinary experience, Chef Fredy has turned his love of food into a bountiful career that has allowed him to share his joy of cooking for exclusive events throughout Los Angeles.


Starting his culinary career as a Pastry Chef at Rex Il Restaurante in downtown Los Angeles, Chef Fredy had the opportunity to work under the direction of the 2 Michelin Star recipient Chef Gianfranco Vissani, and was swiftly promoted to Sous Chef.  As Chef Fredy’s passion for Italian food strongly grew, he traveled throughout Southern Italy with a focus on Sicilian cooking.


While leading the kitchen as the Executive Chef of Alto Palato in West Hollywood, Chef Fredy received a dazzling review from the Los Angeles Times stating that Chef Fredy’s cooking is “Italian soul food, taken to heart.” Chef Fredy has had the pleasure of taking the lead at Spark Food Fire Grill as Executive Chef along with developing menus for Red Fish and RND Kitchen.


Chef Fredy believes continued education and professional development are essential to remain skillful and current. He enjoys mentoring young cooks and encourages them to pursue their passion for the culinary arts, as he did.